Nus coursework programs

Our coursework ma programme is a unique graduate degree option designed for those who aspire to internationalise their career and enrich their life experience through continued study in the social sciences. Welcome to graduate admission system (gda2) for new applicant please refer to the instructions from the faculty/school with which you are applying before you proceed to apply online. Introduction graduate studies the national university of singapore (nus), a leading global university centred in asia, seeks to nurture students with a strong appreciation of global issues alongside asian perspectives. Welcome to the the graduate studies, thank you for your interest in nus the majority of graduate programmes in the university admit students twice a year, in august and january. The ucla – nus executive mba program is demanding and rigorous it employs the same faculty base, applies the same rigorous grading standards, and provides the same mba degrees as each school’s other mba programs (full-time, fully-employed and executive programs).

nus coursework programs Top ranked mba program (master's degree)  the nus mba highlights programme structure  an essential component of the programme structure this takes place two .

At the heart of every student’s education is a program of coursework known as the common curriculum centered on the most fundamental questions in the liberal arts and science, it will offer students some understanding of the natural world, human psyche and social life, literature, the arts and history, and philosophical and mathematical thought. In our flagship master of laws (llm) by coursework programme, a wide variety of modules is available, taught by the most highly-qualified academic faculty. Executive education at nus business school in singapore offers a wide range of asia-focused business management and leadership programmes for senior executives and managers.

It involves analyzing the environment to identify opportunities, and developing marketing strategies and programs to exploit such opportunities this introductory course aims to impart marketing concepts and tools that may be applied to solve various problems in marketing management. This is not a lecture course, but an interactive learning course that requires significant preparation and participation students will also conduct three 6-week lab rotations from among the duke-nus signature research programs. For yale nus students, however, the program is currently available only to environmental studies majors to best prepare, it is highly recommended that applicants complete undergraduate course work is the following areas:. Environmental studies at yale-nus offers students a bachelors of science or a bachelors of arts degree in addition to formal coursework within the programme, .

The national university of singapore (nus) is an innovative global university with modern facilities and top-ranked academic programs a leading center for the study of southeast asia, nus is also distinguished in engineering, business, and the biological sciences. Nus bulletin (course catalogue) faq current students graduation requirements (phd) national university of singapore level 4, block s17 10 lower kent ridge road. But am confused about these two joint graduate programmes coursework programmes service obligation ucla nus coursework programs nus executive mba programme the number of hours spent on coursework. Get the best of east and west in this programme by stanford university and nus network with top leaders and deepen your knowledge of global and asian business 38th intake.

Drawing on the unique linguistic diversity of the students and faculty at yale-nus, the literature major features courses in world anglophone literature and beyond: our students also pursue studies in chinese languages, ancient greek, and latin in singapore and abroad. Department of accounting baa6001 accounting research seminar i baa6002 accounting research seminar ii baa6003a seminar on empirical capital markets research . The faculty of arts and social sciences (fass) and the yong loo lin school of medicine (som) offer a coursework master of science (speech & language pathology) programme this is the first degree to be offered jointly by fass and som, and represents a significant milestone for allied health training at nus. Nus has 2 types of graduate programs 1 coursework based program 2 research oriented program the former is similar to what we call mtech in india.

Nus coursework programs

Courses at nus are broad-based and range from science, engineering, and medicine to the humanities, law and business the four official languages of singapore are mandarin, malay, tamil, and english though all courses are taught in english, the government has a long-standing campaign to promote mandarin, and it has proved successful in . The nus-iss stackable certificate programmes are programmes with a series of stackable short course certificates leading to an nus graduate diploma or a master's degree. Students should note that even if a university is a partner institution of nus regular semester sep, whose courses can generally be mapped back to nus for credits, if the summer program offered by this university is not considered as an approved nus administered summer program, no credit will be allotted.

  • The duke-nus md program is a 4-year graduate program students are awarded the degree of doctor of medicine (md) jointly by duke university and the national university of singapore (nus) to find out more about our md curriculum, please see the curriculum links below.
  • Graduate programmes application period for coursework programmes national university of singapore national university of singapore.

In addition to the core modules in mdg5108 biostatistics, mdg5771 graduate research seminar, cdm5101 fundamentals of cancer bology and cdm5102 translational cancer research, a recommended list of elective modules has already been examined for suitability and is pre-approved by the csi graduate program academic committee (gpac). Coursework programmes aimed at working professionals, our coursework programmes are designed for university graduates who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in their chosen fields of specialisation. Entry requirements admission enquiries during your course of study, you will be required to attend the mtl course conducted by the university or attain the .

nus coursework programs Top ranked mba program (master's degree)  the nus mba highlights programme structure  an essential component of the programme structure this takes place two . nus coursework programs Top ranked mba program (master's degree)  the nus mba highlights programme structure  an essential component of the programme structure this takes place two . nus coursework programs Top ranked mba program (master's degree)  the nus mba highlights programme structure  an essential component of the programme structure this takes place two .
Nus coursework programs
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